Appearance, Fashion, Clothes Vocabulary

Proverbs   Appearance, Fashion, Clothes Vocabulary

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – Красота субъективна

Don’t judge a book by its cover – Не суди книгу по обложке

Appearances can be deceiving – Внешность может быть обманчива

All that glitters is not gold – Не всё то золото, что блестит

Handsome is as handsome does – Красота человека – в поступках

The leopard cannot change his spots – Люди не меняются; горбатого могила исправит


  • to be dressed to kill – стиль одетый, разодетый в пух и прах (Kelly was dressed to kill at the office party. We couldn’t take our eyes off her!)
  • to look sharpбыть на высоте
  • not a hair out of place – волосок к волосу; выглядеть элегантно, прекрасно (Sophia is always looking smart and groomed – not a hair out of place!) (There’s never a hair out of place)
  • all skin and bone – кожа да кости (I can’t believe how much weight she’s lost… She’s all skin and bone!)
  • five o’clock shadow – легкая небритость (He looked tired and had a five o’clock shadow.)
  • all dressed up and nowhere to go – зря одевалась (-лся), готовилась (-лся) (When my presentation was cancelled, I felt all dressed up with nowhere to go)
  • a trendsetter = a fashion icon
  • a slave to fashion
  • to go out of fashion
  • she’s always well-turned-out
  • she bears a striking resemblance to someone on TV
  •  she wears clothes that are right for her age and manages to look glamorous without looking like she’s too done up
  • she has a great sense of style
  •  She doesn’t seem too concerned about keeping up with the latest fashion
  • to have an eye for what looks good

Describing age -
описываем возраст

  • Everyone goes through a lot of diapers when they are a baby.
  • Toddlers take their first steps around the age of two.
  • Having a child is one of the great joys in life.
  • Many teenagers have to deal with a lot of stress because of testing.
  • Most people have settled down by their forties.
  • He looks like he’s in his early/late/mid twenties.
  • A young man was very kind and gave me directions.
  • We need to develop some more sports programs for the youth.
  • A middle-aged man asked me for directions.
  • Take time to listen to an elderly woman. She’ll teach you a lot.
  • She’s about thirty years old.
  • She told me that she’s thirty something.
  • She has a very youthful appearance.
  • She’s growing old gracefully
  • She’s looking young for her age. 

Describing the appearance -
описываем внешность

  • short cropped hair
  • shoulder-length hair
  • fair hair
  • thick blonde hair
  • a pointed face
  • a round face
  • a lovely complexion
  • to have fine features
  • to have a double chin

fair skin

  • well-built
  •  a slim figure
  • a little overweight
  • scrawny
  • lanky
  • stout
  • corpulent


Fashion and clothes -
Мода и одежда

Платье с открытой спиной и плечами

Платье без бретелек

мешковатая одежда

обтягивающая одежда

“Стройнящая” одежда

  • neat clothes
  • old-fashioned clothes
  • vintage clothes
  • Students are often dressed in a plain white button-up shirt and a pair of navy slacks, and the shirt has to be tucked in.
  • You’re more likely to find me in casual outfits: a well-worn pair of jeans, a T-shirt and some sneakers.
  • to know how to mix and match different items of clothing that go well together