Present Simple

Когда используется

когда мы говорим о привычках и каждодневных обыденных действиях 🔁

Michael exercises several times a week. 

Michael and Sam eat dinner together on Friday nights.


Present Simple

когда мы говорим о фактах и объективной реальности 🌐

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. 

Exercise makes our bodies strong and healthy. 

A healthy person doesn’t smoke.


landscape photography of seashore during sunset

Как выглядит

Утверждение Вопрос Отрицание Активные глаголы (что делать?)
I think Я думаю Do I think? Думаю ли я? I do not (don't) think Я не думаю
You think Ты думаешь Do you think? Ты думаешь? You do not (don't) think Ты не думаешь
He thinks Он думает Does he think? Он думает? He does not (doesn't) think Он не думает
She thinks Она думает Does she think? Она думает? She does not (doesn't) think Она не думает
It thinks Оно думает Does it think? Оно думает? It does not (doesn't) think Оно не думает
We think Мы думаем Do we think? Мы думаем? We do not (don't) think. Мы не думаем
They think Они думают Do they think? Они думают? They do not (don't) think. Они не думают
Утверждение Вопрос Отрицание Активные глаголы (что делать?)
I am happy Я счастлив Am I happy? Я счастлив? I am not happy Я не счастлив
You are happy Ты счастлив Are you happy? Ты счастлив? You are not (aren't) happy Ты не счастлив
He is happy Он счастлив Is he happy? Он счастлив? He is not (isn't) happy Он не счастлив
She is happy Она счастлива Is she happy? Она счастлива? She is not (isn't) happy Она не счастлива
It is happy Это (оно) счастливо Is it happy? Это (оно) счастливо? It is not (isn't) happy Это (оно) не счастливо
We are happy Мы счастливы Are we happy? Мы счастливы? We are not (aren't) happy Мы не счастливы
They are happy Они счастливы Are they happy? Они счастливы? They are not (aren't) happy Они не счастливы
Утверждение Вопрос Отрицание Активные глаголы (что делать?)

Elementary, Pre-Intermediate

Imitation – Presentation

Task 1. What are you interested in? What are your hobbies?

Match the columns.

I’m into…

I’m addicted to…

I enjoy…

I’m interested in….

I’m keen on….

I adore…

I’m a huge fan of…

I’m fond of…


I’m not into…

I’m not interested in….

I’m not keen on….

I’m not a huge fan of…

listening to music 🎵

singing 🎤

drawing ✏️

painting Artist Palette on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

sewing  Thread on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

knitting ball-of-yarn

cooking Woman Cook on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

baking Pie on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

skateboarding Skateboard on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

snowboarding Snowboarder on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

photography 📸

gardening Man Farmer on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

animal care Cat on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

volunteer workReminder Ribbon on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

fishing Fishing Pole on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

hunting Bow and Arrow on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

blogging Writing Hand on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

Write your answers in comments! Left Speech Bubble on Twitter Twemoji 11.2


Task 5. Describe the pictures using the words given.

Present Simple

room / clean / messy

Present Simple

food /delicious / disgusting

Present Simple

the earth / round / oval

Task 6. Make up questions using the following words:

BE (AM / IS / ARE)


  1. what / your favourite movie?
  2. What / your favorite color?
  3. what / your favorite day of the week? Why?
  4. What / your favorite holiday? Why?
  5. What / your favorite season? Why?
  6. What / your favorite sport?
  7. What is your favorite TV show?
  8. what / your favorite vegetable?
  9. who / your favorite actor, actress?
  10. who / your favorite character from literature?
  11.   what / your favorite fast food restaurant?
  12. what / your favorite breakfast food?
  13. what / your  favorite alcoholic drink?


  1. you older than me?
  2. when / your birthday?
  3. you married / single / divorced?
  4. your parents / well?
  5. you / generous?
  6. your mobile / new?
  7. you good at keeping secrets?
  8. What / your morning routine?


  1. you / good at cooking?
  2. you / keen on sport?
  3. you / interested in politics?
  4. what / your hobbies?



  1. What / you / eat / almost every day?
  2. you live in a big house (a small apartament)?
  3. you live in the city center (in the suburbs)?
  4. how many brothers / you have?
  5. your father / drive a car?
  6.  What /you / do when you get home?
  7. You / often / go out during the week?
  8.  you / smoke?
  9. you / have any bad habits?
  10. you believe in UFO?
  11. you / speak German / very well?


  1. you know any famous people personally?
  2.  you go to work on foot, by car or by public transport?
  3. if you use public transport / you take a bus, a tram, a trolley or metro to work?
  4. how long / it / take you to get to work?
  5. What / you / do / at work?
  6. what company / you / work for?
  7. what / you / like / about your job?
  8. what  / you / not like / about your job?



  1. you / enjoy reading fashion blogs (newspapers, digital magazines)?
  2. what type of music / you like?
  3. you / play a musical instrument?
  4.  where / you / like to hang out?
  5. you / listen to the music or watch TV in the morning?

Group activities spreadsheets

  1. Taking about other people’s likes and dislikes
  2. Think about a person, don’t tell your partner. Ask the questions like (What’s your name? What’s your address? What’s your phone number?) to guess the person.

Present Simple

Composition activities spreadsheets (Writing, Homework)


Task 9. This is an interview with Mary Woods about herself and her husband, John. Write the questions, using the ideas from the box.

  • like films
  • listen to the radio
  • play golf
  • watch TV
  • play a musical instrument
  • go to the theatre
  • drive a car
  • like techno music
  • drink coffee
  • live in London
  • like dogs 
  • speak any foreign languages


  1. Do you live in London?
  2. Does he play golf?
  1. Do you speak French?
  2. Do you like watching TV?
  3. Does he like listening to the radio? 
  4. Does he like dogs?
  5. Do you like films?
  6. Does he drink coffee in the morning?
  7. Do you drive a car?
  8. Does he play a musical instrument?
  9. Do you like techno music?
  10. Do you like going to the theatre?



– Yes, I live in north London.

– No, but he plays tennis.

1 Yes, I speak French.

2 Yes, I like all the programmes on TV.

3 Yes, he listens to the radio in the morning.

4 No, but he loves cats.

5 No, I don’t like films.

6 Yes, he has two cups in the morning.

7 No, but I have a bicycle.

8 Yes, he plays the piano.

9 No, I prefer classical music.

10 Yes, I love musicals.

Task 10. Think of a person you admire. Tell about this person.

Example: I admire my mother. She loves our family. She enjoys her work. She cooks great food. She doesn’t get angry.


Task 11. Tell your partner about a person you are worried about. 

Example: I am worried about my roommate. He works 12 hours a day. He doesn’t eat healthy food. He doesn’t exercise. He doesn’t sleep. He only goes to work, then comes home and goes to bed. He doesn’t have any fun.

Task 12. Fill out your own daily schedule using only the base form of the verb except for three cells. Try to guess when your partner is free to suggest him/her going somewhere.

Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun